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Why You Should Choose Hemp Face Masks For A Better Experience

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Being one of the utilitarian plants in the world, hemp was grown for a plethora of uses until the industrial revolution. This versatile plant that was previously used for millennia in various industries from early shipping, clothing and even ceremonial dresses for Pharaohs has been demonized and banned from use due to a lack of understanding and education.  There has been a recent dawning of realization and more and more countries are joining the organic revolution and lifting the ban on hemp after realizing its incredible and manifold benefits.  Hemp is now one of the most demanded fibres for the production of anti-microbial face masks.  The primary aim behind this is to replace disposable plastic and cotton face masks which are flooding the market and polluting our oceans.

Why Should You Switch To Hemp Face Masks

Cotton is the industry’s ‘go to’ fibre for mass production of most things that we wear, it is without doubt comfortable to wear but are we really comfortable with the effect that this is having on our planet!  Cotton face masks are easily found and are cheap but the sweetness of cheapness soon dissipates when we think about the harm it causes globally. Cotton fibres soften with every wash and eventually the fibres break down and the mask becomes shapeless, ragged and worn out and ends up on the global rubbish pile. 

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Conversely, masks made from hemp are 3 times stronger than natural cotton and whilst it too gets softer with washing, the fibres don’t breakdown due to it’s resilience and tensile strength. Hemp face masks are therefore tougher, more durable and more comfortable than cotton or manmade materials.  Hemp Face Masks don’t wear out – they wear in!’

Hemp Face Masks Are More Breathable

In addition to possessing natural antimicrobial properties (without the need for additional chemicals),  the open structure of hemp natural fibres permits a high degree of breathability. Both of these properties combine to make hemp fibre ideal for face masks. The fibre allows us to inhale and exhale freely, the antimicrobial property prevents the growth of bacteria and associated odours that often arise when fabrics are exposed to moisture for prolonged periods. Unlike hemp, cotton absorbs moisture and creates a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and mildew. 

Blocking Properties

It is well known that ultra violet radiation (UV) is harmful to our skin and even with your face shielded you still need to take precautionary measures to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  Hemp fibres come to the rescue here as it is naturally UV resistant. Research suggests that hemp face masks are 99.9% effective against both UV-A and UV-B rays. Hemp holds a top tier percentile of UPF 50+.

Sustainable Fabric

It is disheartening to see major cotton producing countries gradually using up precious freshwater resources on a vast scale, increasing the risk of desertification and loss of habitat for many species (including humans!).  Hemp requires less than half the amount of water that cotton needs to grow from seed to mature plant.  Hemp is a fast growing plant and manufacturing hemp fibres costs much less than cotton.  With organic hemp face masks, you can be sure that no chemicals that could harm your skin are present in the material and no pesticides have been used in its making. Choose hemp fabric – your skin will thank you later for such an amazing level of natural protection.

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With the advent and continuation of the Global COVID-19 pandemic, masks have become the most essential accessory.  Every time you step out of your home, put on hemp fabric face mask and let mother nature help you to breathe freely and to protect you, and our planet, from harm.

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