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Women In Hemp That Act As An revolutionary Force In Driving The Future Of This Planet.

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Although ½ of the human race is female, women have not always been given equality or recognized as contributors to global history in the way they deserve.  It is high time that we did, women have always been an integral part of history, from politics to business, they have always acted as the driving force behind the growth and changes brought about in the society. The same applies in the case of the hemp as this industry grows its horizons in every aspect of our lifestyle, we must acknowledge the role of women in bringing about this growth.

Women have always taken the front foot in all sectors of the industry, from activism to entrepreneurship they have always emerged as an active part of the change that is happening round and about all sectors in global or domestic market. The women in hemp are working together while educating, writing, advocating, trailblazing and spreading awareness about the grave need of adapting to a sustainable lifestyle through industrial hemp. Here, are women who have set a standard for the future of the hemp industry while creating a buzz around the production of hemp and its useful benefits.

  • Rebekah Shaman

Rebekah Shaman, who is currently the managing director of the British Hemp Alliance, where farmers, academics, individuals and businesses are working together to influence the government to remove the obsolete laws that are stopping a thriving UK hemp industry. She is profoundly dedicated towards the growth and recognition of the hemp industry as a reviving force in sustainability.

Apart from being an advocate for hemp, she is also recognized as an activist, author and a promoter for plant-based medicines. She believes in the power of educating the society about the importance of cannabis in medicine as well as nutrition while acting as an advocate for the same.

  • Wanda James

The Simply Pure CEO Wanda James, is among the most influential figures in bringing about the revolutionary reforms around the hemp industry. She has been regarded as the modern-day heroine for establishing the first African-American cannabis-dispensary owner in the legal Colorado market. Prior to staring Simply Pure she served on Barack Obama’s finance committee in 2008.

Ms. James is a leading advocate in the cannabis industry along with being a successful entrepreneur and leading activist in the promotion of hemp in the global industry.

  • Martha Stewart

The founder of Martha Stewart Living Omni media, she is an American retail businesswoman, writer, and television personality. Along with being a remarkable businesswoman, she also acts as an advocate for CBD and hemp-based products, after partnering up with Canopy Growth, (a company that cultivates and markets CBD and hemp- based products) in order to develop her very own line of hemp-derived products that also accommodates to the needs of pets, in order to help them live a healthy, active lifestyle. 

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